The Top 3 Communications Solutions Your Business Needs

The Top 3 Communications Solutions Your Business Needs

Businesses today depend more on digital communication than they ever have. That’s why it is important for them to get the tools and resources they need to conduct efficient and effective business. Today, we are going to outline three of the most effective communication tools for business and what makes them so beneficial.

Hosted VoIP

Voice over Internet Protocol has been a key communications tool for businesses for some time. VoIP uses a business’ excess bandwidth to run their enterprise telephone system. This method allows a company to eliminate their reliance on the telephone company’s services and get a robust and reliable phone system for a fraction of the cost. This simplicity doesn’t mean that the whole endeavor doesn’t need a conscientious approach.

First, you will need to find the VoIP system that is right for your business. Then you should establish if you will need more bandwidth than you currently have. Some businesses go as far as employing a backup broadband connection that can be used in the event that their primary goes out. Many of today’s most cost-effective VoIP platforms are offered as a service, meaning that you only pay for the accounts you need and the VoIP-enabled phones. This gets simpler as most VoIP platforms have corresponding mobile applications that let you send and receive calls from a smartphone. Not only does this remove the need for a stand-alone mobile strategy, but it also helps save an organization money.

With the advantageous scalability, crystal clear calling, and robust features available with the modern hosted VoIP platform, your organization can get the enterprise-grade telephone system you need, for less.

Social Intranet

Another communication tool that a lot of businesses are turning to today is the social intranet solution or collaboration app. Being able to share files, especially nowadays when many people aren’t working side-by-side any longer, is indispensable for a business that depends on collaboration. Employing a social intranet or collaboration app that is not only tied to a central repository of stored data, but also third-party applications that allow for productive collaboration removes the need for workers to dig for files and find alternate means to share them.

Additionally, many of these applications provide integrated communication tools like instant messaging, forums, or best yet: VoIP or video conferencing to provide the quick-meeting interfaces needed to move business forward. Like the Hosted VoIP, many of these Intranet solutions come as as-a-service offerings and can bring substantial value to any organization by helping them to control their IT costs. Additionally, cloud-based productivity apps are available anywhere with an Internet connection from nearly any device.

Video Conferencing

One of the biggest shifts in business communications the past few years has been the consistent improvement in video conferencing. COVID-19 forced the issue, of course, but there are several video conferencing platforms now that can work for any number of businesses. In fact, with today’s video conferencing platforms adding integrations for collaborative technologies and VoIP, as well as incorporating better audio and video quality, useful management features, and more, video conferencing is becoming a must-have solution for any business.

As with any of these useful communication technologies, there are a lot of new products on the market looking to take advantage of the digital communications trend. Unfortunately, many businesses think they are getting more than they do if they aren’t well informed.

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