Get the Right Communications Tools to Move Your Business Forward

Get the Right Communications Tools to Move Your Business Forward

At the end of the day, the tools you providefor your employees are going to make or break their productivity, so why notlook at your employees, not as end users, but also customers? By examining theway that industry trends impact the decisions of consumers, you can implementmore effective communication solutions that will allow your employees toflourish in the workplace.

An industry report from Salesforce in which500 industry leaders and 6,000 customers were surveyed could provide a treasuretrove of information about how users consume communication solutions and howtheir expectations have changed over time.

Both Online and In-PersonExperiences Are Important

One interesting thing to note from this studyis that consumers want communication solution experiences for both in-personand online environments. Over half of respondents—51% to be specific—indicatedthat they prefer to do business online, while 40% of respondents indicated theyhave visited their communication provider’s store in-person. Additionally, 64%of respondents claimed to have used the provider’s website over the past month,and 35% have done business both online and in stores. What does this mean foryour business? It means that employees are likely to seek assistance with yourtechnology solutions both online through a help desk and in-person, meaningthat it helps to have resources handy to assist them with whatever they mightneed to succeed.

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