AI, Much Like Every Other Technology, Will Someday Be the Norm

AI, Much Like Every Other Technology, Will Someday Be the Norm

Technology has done some incredible things,especially in the past couple of decades, so it’s wild to imagine that someday,innovative new tools like ChatGPT will no longer be as cutting-edge as theymight seem today. The reason is simple: most technologies today were onceworld-shattering and innovative, but with time they have become normalized.

Even Writing Was OnceCutting-Edge

The fact that the written word even exists canbe credited to the innovations of ancient Mesopotamia. The same society alsogave birth to the wheel, a tool that would revolutionize agriculture andtransportation. And, yes, even math, the concept of numbers, had its roots inthe cradle of civilization.


Even the mythologies of the time, including The Epic of Gilgamesh, show grandtechnologies that would be considered antiquated by today’s moderncivilization, yet were remarkable at the time of writing. It is works offiction like this which give rise to the imagination to pursue new andinnovative technological advances, much like the artificial intelligence oftoday.

AI is the Latest LiteraryInvention Doomed to Become Commonplace

AI was also once a work of fiction, and itsroots can be traced back to Samuel Butler’s 1872 novel Erewhon, in the section known as The Book of the Machines. In this novel, Butler examines severaltopics that we can see in today’s technological landscape, including Moore’sLaw, which it predated by almost a century. The novel describes a rapidlyadvancing technology and artificial intelligence, and the machines managed toachieve some level of sentience.


So, it seems that at least two things aretrue:


  1. There really     isn’t any such thing as an     original idea.
  2. Technology     will continue to advance, making the marvels of yesteryear seem modest in     comparison.


The technology used by modern society hasindeed been influenced by popular culture of the past, and for good reason.With imagination comes innovation and the desire to solve everyday problems ofsociety.  Just look to modern technologysolutions in the business environment as a prime example. So many of thesolutions available today that we take for granted were created to solveproblems in the past—problems which still exist, but are no longer as difficultor unwieldy to solve as they once were due to the advent of technology.


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