3 Actions You Can Take to Keep Rapid Growth From Ruining Your Business

3 Actions You Can Take to Keep Rapid Growth From Ruining Your Business

Make no mistake, you want your business togrow. There is no better sign that you are resonating with customers andproviding the value you set out to deliver. Unfortunately, for a lot ofcompanies, they simply aren’t prepared when their product or service takes offand it ends up ruining what could be a very good thing. Today, we’ll take alook at three actions you can take to keep your business humming along when itsees extraordinary growth.

Get Flexible

As stated above, growing your business issomething that you definitely want. However, sometimes things can get overwhelmingwhen things move too fast. In order to circumvent this situation, you shouldhave a plan in place that will allow you to get the resources you need to fillthe newfound demand. In order to do this successfully you need to identify thethings that you will need to scale in order to gain control over the elementsthat affect revenue generation. This means ascertaining what costs could bealtered. In terms of technology, using cloud services that will allow yourbusiness to quickly scale can be a major benefit in terms of controlling costsand access to resources.

Control Spending

One of the biggest challenges for companiesthat are growing rapidly is when to hire additional help. Payroll is a bigexpense and each salary puts additional pressure on your company. While addingjobs is ultimately a great thing for your company and for the business as awhole, ensuring that you have the available capital (or demand) to facilitatethat type of operational expense has to be decided well before you addemployees to the mix. Technology can help you do your best to control costs.From the use of a CRM to track all customer interactions to collaborationsoftware that keeps your team working efficiently, ensuring that you have thetools needed to keep your pocketbook in check is essential to taking yourbusiness to the next level.

Don’t Overlook Security

A quick ascension of a business can be awhirlwind, but one thing is for certain, you are being targeted. Even if youthink your business is still too small to be the victim of cybercrime, you arestill wrong. Cybercriminals will pick low-hanging fruit and if you don’t takeinto account the security of your data, it will be stolen. Nothing can stoppositive momentum quite like a data breach, so be sure to do the things thatyou need to do to keep your business’ network and infrastructure secure.


While it is definitely a goal to grow yourbusiness, knowing how technology can help make quick transitions in demand workfor your organization is important. If you would like to have a conversationabout how technology fits into your business, or if you need help scaling yourIT to the new demand your business is experiencing, give the technologyprofessionals at ALLTECH a call today at 954-628-3770.

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